Waternet: Digitalization Operation with IBM Maximo

Waternet’s goal is to deliver the highest quality of drinking water at the lowest price for every customer. Furthermore, they make sure everyone in their domain keeps their feet dry. To meet the company’s objectives, all assets need to be and stay in top condition. Water cycle tasks are executed by different Waternet departments. However, there is a growing need to integrate and realize a uniform implementation of Asset Management.

Paul Stroet, IT Architect at Waternet: “We asked ZNAPZ: ‘How can we digitize, and continue to manage our assets at the same time?’ ZNAPZ provided knowledge and advice from both disciplines: digitization and Asset Management. This mix of business and technique was exactly what we needed.”

Curious how Waternet approached this project? Why they chose ZNAPZ to support them? Or do you want to know more about the handling of these processes? Read it all in our reference case.

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Manul: user-friendly and efficient

Managing purchase orders poses a challenge for many organizations. Incorrect orders, long processing time and too much buyer personnel causes higher costs. Find out how the modern and accessible Manul application streamlines the buying process in our factsheet. Through Manul, everyone is able to create purchase orders and process them easily through the Maximo system. This solution is available for smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Read more about the features and benefits in our factsheet, such as:

  • The efficient and user-friendly ordering process
  • Insights in your assets through Maximo
  • Classifications matching your attribute structure
  • Dynamic filtering possibilities for easy and fast searches
  • Minimized data pollution

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Hydra: Working Offline with Zero Downtime

Hydra makes it possible to keep working in your Maximo application, even offline. As soon as you go online, the local Maximo application syncs seamlessly with the central application. All Maximo functionalities are available always and everywhere. You no longer have to worry about connection quality.

Besides that, Hydra solves other challenges: upgrading your Maximo application without downtime, altering your database or preventing performance loss due to large amounts of data.

Read more about the features and benefits in our factsheet, such as:

  • Working offline in Maximo, wherever and whenever
  • Deployment without downtime
  • Easily transfer data to another platform
  • Better performance through easy data archiving

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The 4 benefits of insight into the health of your assets

We assume timely serviced installations, machines and vehicles will continue to function until the next maintenance check. In reality, this is more unpredictable: despite investments in preventive maintenance, “assets” continue to fail randomly. Sometimes we replace parts still functioning, which is a waist of money. In this blog, we outline how smart technology helps reducing downtime at a lower cost.

Preventive maintenance is not nearly as cost-efficient as often thought. In 45 percent of the cases assets fail earlier than might be expected, considering their age. This causes organizations problems. Parts and technicians are not always immediately available and costs for recovery are therefore unpredictable. On the other hand, maintenance at fixed intervals often results in unnecessary wear, because assemblies could be unnecessarily dismantled.

The roadmap to predictive maintenance

Moving towards predictive maintenance requires up-to-date insights into the condition of your assets. There are three methods for gathering data:

  1. HSoT: Human Sensor of Things – information from inspections
  2. EoT: Ethernet of Things – information from systems built into machines (SCADA)
  3. IoT: Internet of Things – information from sensors

A good example of a system that merges these three information flows is IBM Maximo, named leader in the Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Asset Management software” [Aug 2019, Gartner].

For example: in a wind farm, the maintenance interval for turbines is based on current and historical data. This can be determined more precisely by equipping turbines with sensors for detecting an increase in energy consumption, noise or vibrations. Integration with data from “The Weather Channel” ensures further optimization. Maintenance can now take place earlier, if it turns out that the turbines are suffering a lot from storms, while also finding a forecasted period with low wind conditions.

The technical and financial condition of your assets in one overview

By using IBM Maximo APM – Asset Health Insights (MAHI) alongside IBM Maximo, organizations are able to display the technical condition and financial health of their assets in one clear dashboard. Understanding costs helps determine how much money should be reserved for maintenance versus repairs or replacements. If a machine performs better than expected, maintenance can be postponed. The budget can then be spent on other parts to extend the overall working life of the facility.

By implementing this way of working enormous savings can be achieved in asset-intensive sectors such as water management, transport and highway infrastructure. With Asset Management improvements can also be made in durability, due to the focus on economic use of materials.

The 4 benefits of managing your assets with IBM Maximo and MAHI:

  1. Complete insight: the dashboard shows you in one overview the technical and financial health of your assets. This helps to make more informed decisions about maintenance and replacement.
  2. Lower costs: parts are only replaced when really necessary.
  3. Less surprises: the chance that problems occur and systems fail will decrease.
  4. Time savings: maintenance becomes predictable and can be better planned.

ZNAPZ is an experienced partner for IBM Maximo and MAHI. We can assist you from start to finish, so these systems optimally support your business.

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1. Gartner

Happy New Year 2021

We wish you all the best for 2021.
Stay healthy and we hope to see you soon again.

Last year was an extraordinary year. We invested in a solid foundation for our future with new solutions on top of Maximo. We look forward to the moment we can meet again, continue our cooperation, and explore the exciting new capabilities added to Maximo in 2020.

Re-platform and Maximo upgrade for Parkway6, Live!

We are pleased to announce that we succesfull upgraded the Performance Management System of Parkway6 enabling Parkway6 to successfully exploit the A6 for the next decade with #Maximo as the basis for their Performance Management System (PMS). #ZNAPZ wants to thank all project members from #Cronos, #Oxand and #Parkway6 who contributed to this success.

The Contractors combination Parkway6 (Dura Vermeer and Besix) broadens the A6 in Almere. They deliver 8 new viaducts; broaden 5 existing viaducts and improve the underlying road network. Parkway6 is responsible for the design, realization and maintenance of the A6 Almere.

ZNAPZ awarded by IBM

We are honoured that IBM has awarded ZNAPZ as the 2019 winner for the best performing Business Partner in the Cognitive Solutions category. Our unique way of working is highly appreciated in the market resulting in new customers in the Asset Management domain. The award is a recognition of our investment in new products and implementation processes that enables ZNAPZ to deliver high quality business solutions. We thank IBM for their support in our client focused approach and thank our colleague Business Partners for extending the footprint of the Maximo product family we all love.

Parkway6 signs 5 year contract with ZNAPZ

ZNAPZ delivers a complete upgrade of the environment and the hosting & Maintenance of Maximo for the next 5 years. After a successful project phase, the collaboration continues into the exploitation phase. Maximo is the core application in the Performance Measurement System.
The Contractors combination Parkway6 (Dura Vermeer and Besix) broadens the A6 in Almere. They deliver 8 new viaducts, they broaden 5 existing viaducts and improve the underlying road network. Parkway6 is responsible for the design, realization and maintenance of the A6 Almere.

ZNAPZ supports Aquafin in Risk based Maintenance

The result is a more effective and efficient maintenance for all pump-stations of Aquafin. All schemes for preventive maintenance for the Aquafin pump-stations have had a new dedicated maintenance frequency in Maximo, based on the Risk Based Maintenance method.
Aquafin and ZNAPZ worked closely together with a dedicated team. A whole new way of working for Aquafin is introduced. With a great team spirit and hard work we were able to realize all changes in Maximo and the organization on time and within budget enabling Aquafin to achieve appealing results in the future.