ISO 55000

Asset Management System Standards

Since the first publication of the ISO standards ZNAPZ has worked together with industry leaders to implement Asset Management fundamentals in IBM MAXIMO. The ISO has published a set of four ISO industry standards that will help organisations of all sizes to get more value from their assets and is currently adopted as the standard within asset intensive organisations.

The following Asset Management standards are published:

  1. ISO 55000 will provide an overview of asset management, the principles and terminology;
  2. ISO 55001 will specify requirements for an asset management system within the context of the organization;
  3. ISO 55002: will give guidelines for the application of an asset management system, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 55001;
  4. ISO 55010: will give guidelines for the alignment between financial and non-financial asset management.

The above standards will support organisations to implement asset management fundamentals into their organisation to establish full line of sight according their operations, mitigate risk and to have the right information available to make informed decisions on strategical, tactical and operational level.

The institute of Asset Management published on their website the scope of asset management, which includes 6 subjects (groups) including the detail information per subject. The ISO standards will guide organisations to implement these requirements into their asset management system.