Utility Industry EAM

Various industries and assets

The Utility Industry is in fact a container for a variety of industries with very different characteristics. Power Generation, again with different tastes like fossile, hydro, nuclear and wind, Transmission and Distribution are the ones that comes to mind quickly. But Water Generation and Distribution, Sour Systems, Water Management and Telecom are others.

High adaptation to ISO 55000

The ISO 55000 standard as a successor is adapted the most by the Utility Industry. Adding requirements in the areas of Asset Investment Planning and other Asset Management needs.

ZNAPZ has a strong background in utilities asset management

MAXIMO has a strong background in this world and so has our ZNAPZ team. With in-depth knowledge of several industries but in particular Telecom, where the first steps of ZNAPZ were set in 1998. Specific knowledge of certain requirements, like RDS-PP coding in the Wind-Energy sector, hands-on Nuclear experience in several sites is adding to the depth and breadth of ZNAPZ.

Our team has worked on customers like Vodafone, Waternet, FinGrid and many others.