Mission and vision


To be the perceived leader in technical support for MAXIMO and related Asset Management Information Systems.


To supply, manage and optimize Asset Management Information Systems,
Based on our deep expertise of customer markets and requirements.
To support our customers to make better decisions based on better data quality, while enabling ease of use and lowest cost of ownership.


We want to be perceived as the best supplier of Asset Management Information Systems. This means we have to be in this world for the long run. First developing a presence, while we develop our organization. Then demonstrating to the market that we are better able to manage these information systems and we are better able to understand customer requirements and implement those, including the change in the way of working.

We love working with partners

In our Philosophy we love working with partners. We like to do our core competences tailoring the system to the needs of the customer and maintaining it so it keeps operating at the highest satisfaction level of the customer organization and the individual users. While our partners can supplement our offering with specifics in Business Consultancy, Project Management and adding specific industry knowledge.

We are a learning organization

In our Philosophy we know we have to be a learning organization and flexible to adapt quickly to the technical requirements in our landscape and we need to adapt to the needs of our customers. Our aim to be a learning organization is expressed in the specific function of our Chief Knowledge Officer, a role that develops the knowledge within ZNAPZ and is able to present this knowledge credibly to our customers, helping them to move to a higher level in Asset Management, once again.

Understanding their real Asset Management challenges and having an IT solution before the customer has realized their changed needs. This means once again an agile organization, which is reflecting in our Agile, Scrumbella methodology.