Road Industry EAM

DBFM contracts outsource road asset management

What could be simpler than a road? Nothing is farther from the truth. A road today is a complex asset with many characteristics. Not only this, but more and more “Road Owners”, like the Dutch Ministry of Transport outsource the management of their assets with so called DBFM contracts (Design, Build, Finance and Manage). These contracts can run for a very long time, 20 – 30 years and require the management of many performance elements.

ZNAPZ road asset management system

ZNAPZ has successfully developed and implemented a management system to manage these complex activities in a very efficient and elegant way, almost completely automated to reduce administrative efforts to the bare minimum. While this is in place we have integrated this Performance Management with Maintenance and Asset Management enabling the Operating Company to optimize their activity – the Value of the Assets: the Roads. True Asset Management in the Road Industry.