Rail Industry EAM

Importance rail asset management increases

The Rail Industry is fast growing in Europe, for economic, environmental and social reasons. With over 600 Billion invested in the next 10 years rail asset management is becoming more and more important. Also rail industries are adapting the ISO 55000 standard. This is well supported by the UIC organization who plays a guiding role for all rail companies around the world.

Rail industry is leading in asset management

At the same time is the Rail industry becoming an Industry Leader in the area of Asset Management requiring the most modern support. This is proven by Big Data, Asset Performance Management initiatives, where IBM’s PMQ play an important role and Internet of Things, e.g. for the “Square Wheel” challenge Rail companies have.

Market leader for Rail Asset Information Logistic Systems

ZNAPZ has a lot of expertise in the two main areas of Rail, the Transport part and the Infra part. Both with their own unique Asset Management requirements.

ZNAPZ is seen as the market leader for Rail Asset Information Logistic Systems (RAILS).