Shipping Industry EAM

Asset management in the purest form

A capital intense industry, but hardly recognized by the main world is the Shipping Industry. Ships are very sophisticated assets, where lifetime management is key and performance of all ship equipment is not only important, but failure could be life threatening. Consider an engine or a rudder not working in difficult circumstances.

Being able to sail on-time makes the difference between a profitable journey or making a loss. So managing the value of the ships performance is asset management in the purest form.

Asset management to its fullest extend

The flexibility of MAXIMO is tested to its fullest extend in these environments, with the Logistic requirements that these companies have and also the maintenance requirements, during the journey or during the docking period. The ability to forecast asset / equipment behaviour realistically again makes a huge difference if the profitability of these typical Assets.

ZNAPZ asset management in the shipping industry

Being a Dutch company, we feel proud that ZNAPZ plays a role in this dynamic world. With Deme being one of the largest dredging companies in the world.