Hydra: Working Offline with Zero Downtime

Hydra makes it possible to keep working in your Maximo application, even offline. As soon as you go online, the local Maximo application syncs seamlessly with the central application. All Maximo functionalities are available always and everywhere. You no longer have to worry about connection quality.

Besides that, Hydra solves other challenges: upgrading your Maximo application without downtime, altering your database or preventing performance loss due to large amounts of data.

Read more about the features and benefits in our factsheet, such as:

  • Working offline in Maximo, wherever and whenever
  • Deployment without downtime
  • Easily transfer data to another platform
  • Better performance through easy data archiving

Want to know more about the benefits of Hydra? Download our factsheet or contact us by filling in the contact form.

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