Waternet: Digitalization Operation with IBM Maximo

Waternet’s goal is to deliver the highest quality of drinking water at the lowest price for every customer. Furthermore, they make sure everyone in their domain keeps their feet dry. To meet the company’s objectives, all assets need to be and stay in top condition. Water cycle tasks are executed by different Waternet departments. However, there is a growing need to integrate and realize a uniform implementation of Asset Management.

Paul Stroet, IT Architect at Waternet: “We asked ZNAPZ: ‘How can we digitize, and continue to manage our assets at the same time?’ ZNAPZ provided knowledge and advice from both disciplines: digitization and Asset Management. This mix of business and technique was exactly what we needed.”

Curious how Waternet approached this project? Why they chose ZNAPZ to support them? Or do you want to know more about the handling of these processes? Read it all in our reference case.

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Manul: user-friendly and efficient

Managing purchase orders poses a challenge for many organizations. Incorrect orders, long processing time and too much buyer personnel causes higher costs. Find out how the modern and accessible Manul application streamlines the buying process in our factsheet. Through Manul, everyone is able to create purchase orders and process them easily through the Maximo system. This solution is available for smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Read more about the features and benefits in our factsheet, such as:

  • The efficient and user-friendly ordering process
  • Insights in your assets through Maximo
  • Classifications matching your attribute structure
  • Dynamic filtering possibilities for easy and fast searches
  • Minimized data pollution

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Hydra: Working Offline with Zero Downtime

Hydra makes it possible to keep working in your Maximo application, even offline. As soon as you go online, the local Maximo application syncs seamlessly with the central application. All Maximo functionalities are available always and everywhere. You no longer have to worry about connection quality.

Besides that, Hydra solves other challenges: upgrading your Maximo application without downtime, altering your database or preventing performance loss due to large amounts of data.

Read more about the features and benefits in our factsheet, such as:

  • Working offline in Maximo, wherever and whenever
  • Deployment without downtime
  • Easily transfer data to another platform
  • Better performance through easy data archiving

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