Sustainable Employability project “Nosce Te Ipsum” with the help of ESF

At ZNAPZ we recognize that our own people are the most valuable assets of our organization. Therefore, we are currently using the ESF subsidy fund (European Social Fund) to create an extra focus on promoting sustainable employability.

Sustainable employees are healthy, motivated, competent and productive at this moment and in the future. The intention of this project is to increase the motivation, competences and vitality with the final goal of developing talent, knowledge, skills and work life balance in good harmony for our employees.

When the goals of this project are realized, the final results can be described as follow:

– Optimal and sustainable employability of all employees, where there is room for differences between employees and the individual talents are effectively utilized.

– Increase the involvement of the employees because they are (still) more involved in the organization, they listen to their ambitions, they are deployed on their talents and qualities and this has a positive impact on staff turnover and absenteeism.

– Even better communication which leads to better cooperation and this contributes to the success of the organization.

– For ZNAPZ an even better image, brand awareness and become an even more attractive employer.