Asset Management & Internet of Things in the Rail Industry

Asset Management is a key topic in the Rail Industry with hundreds of billions invested in Western Europe in the next 10 years. Now optimizing this is a challenge. But the technology Internet of Things is coming to support us. How to know the Asset, the Asset Health and what to do to generate the highest value of the Assets.

Real Time Monitoring

With todays Internet of Things technology we can be real time informed about the Asset Health. A good example of this is the always challenging situation of “square” wheels of trains, where a wheel isn’t completely round. This leads to a higher wear of the wheels as soon as this happens, a higher wear of the rail track and less comfort to the passengers. The Rail companies can monitor this by measuring load, vibration and temperature of the track and the wheels. With these measurements an immediate indication can be given at the first deviation, enabling a fast and appropriate response on the given situation. The cost for this is relatively low and the payback = value significant. Lower maintenance cost for reworking the wheel to completely round, lower maintenance cost on the track and a reduction of track breaks. Last but not least this also prevents an uncomfortable journey of our passengers.

Internet of Things Solutions

Today Internet of Things, fully automated, will take many measurements of the Equipment Health and indicates the right actions to be taken to protect the Assets to generate the Highest Value with the lowest Cost and Risk. The signals from the cheaper and cheaper sensors will automatically call upon an action, to repair or restore the Assets in its original and desired condition.

We can even take this process one step further, moving from Condition Based Maintenance to really Predictive Maintenance. Deterioration patterns are being recognized and a realistic prognoses of the Asset behavior is given, enabling to react at exactly the right moment.

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