Enterprise Asset Management

Operational requirements

Enterprise Asset Management is the part of the entire Asset Management System that deals with operational requirements.

First and foremost, the Asset Register can be defined at the required level of detail in the EAM system. Knowing the Asset criteria is key, e.g. to recognize Linear Assets and have the ability to properly document and manage those.

Maintenance strategy

When the Assets are known we need to enter the level of care they need, or the maintenance strategy. Defining the maintenance strategy is done in the Asset Performance Management module. In the EAM module we register how the strategy is executed.

In principle there are four strategies:

  1. Run to Failure
  2. Preventive Maintenance
  3. Condition Based Maintenance
  4. Engineering Changes

MAXIMO supports all four maintenance strategies extensively

When the right strategy is linked to an Asset the system should be set up to minimize administration, errors and maximize the information that is delivered.
Of course this information is depending on the roles people play in the system. A craftsman is requiring this information, a reliability engineer requires different information and a maintenance manager requires up to date management information.