Track the location and maintenance status with GeoTrain

GeoTrain is a mobile application to track trains at their specific position and track their health with any sensors available in the train. With the application users can see if the trains run on time and if their Asset Health is affected in anyway. This enables the maintenance organization to optimize their work and reduce downtimes.

Currently we have customers using GeoTrain to track the pantograph, the connection between the train and the power lines – measuring if sufficient throughput is realized, the bogie – measuring vibration and temperature, doors – measuring the required electricity and time to open and close the doors, indicating wear and dirt. Toilet reservoir water level – measuring if the water is above the minimum threshold. Deviations can be identified and give a clear signal to the maintenance teams what need to be inspected or repaired.


GeoTrain is fully integrated with Maximo

The system is fully integrated with MAXIMO. From the Asset Register in MAXIMO and the maintenance programs defined to maintain all the train Assets it is possible to detect potential failures and prepare the maintenance tasks in MAXIMO. The teams will be prepared, materials ready and the right tools and skills available to perform the required maintenance when the train arrives. This reduces the maintenance time sometimes up to 50% or more. It also improves the reliability of the trains, since deviations are early detected and measures can be taken before a breakdown occurs.

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