Implementation of Asset Management Information Systems

ZNAPZ implementation methodology: ZCRUMBELLA gives the best of both worlds. The thoroughness of the Waterfall methodology and the speed and flexibility of the Scrum methodology. The first step which is done after a ZNAPZhot was taken is the development, together with the customer of a Use Case. A description of the business processes, enriched with our knowledge and the desire from the customer to optimize.

From Use Case to a tailored MAXIMO

The Use Case will be used to write the Solution Designs a full reflection how to tailor MAXIMO to a desired way of working supporting the small step approach. At the same time ZNAPZ has libraries of Use Cases for the various industries. And per industry for the various Asset and Maintenance Management activities. These can be mirrored to the requirements of the customer and quickly tailored to any specific needs.

Sprinting to the required solution

When the Solution Design is finished the configuration team will Sprint to the required solution for this specific area. The ZCRUMBELLA methodology enables and prescribes a detailed way of documentation. Supporting current and future needs for informing and educating the users in the use of the system and the objectives of this specific area in Asset and Maintenance management best practices. Due to the layered approach the methodology can be used in small to very large implementations. ZNAPZ supporting infrastructure allows the entire team, if necessary globally, to be involved and informed.

Open source

ZCRUMBELLA comes with an open source system. Supporting the information needs of all team members during and after the implementation. Creating a fully transparent environment and enabling an easy way of communication.

Making the best use of the flexibility of MAXIMO and the combined knowledge of the customers team and ZNAPZ experience.

With this approach the final step, going live is a natural and easy step with a minimal impact on the on-going organization. A natural flow to improvement.