Our methodology: ZCRUMBELLA

ZNAPZ being an Asset Management Information Systems provider and having the most flexible tool in the market in our hands, the challenge is how to create true value for our customers. This is what our consultants with our implementation methodology: ZCRUMBELLA do.

World Class Asset Management

Our consultants first take a ZNAPZhot or snapshot of the customer Asset Management environment. And we take a ZNAPZhot from the current systems that support the business practices. Based on this information we start working with our customer, at their own maturity level and bring this forward in a palatable way.

Small steps to continuous improvement

One of the biggest challenges is to convince a customer that small steps have a far better chance of success than one bigger step. It also means that the organization has to be set in motion, to a continuous improving Enterprise.

With our detailed industry knowledge and experience our consultants support the customer on the road to World Class Asset Management.