Service + Support

History of business applications

In the last 50 years the world of computerized business administration has made almost a full circle. In the beginning the systems were fully tailor made and supported organizations in all the requirements they defined. This was costly, time consuming and not flexible, since any change had to be reprogrammed, often from the beginning.

From this ultimate custom made design the pendulum moved to the other far end, standard applications, one size fits all. The benefit, a lot cheaper and quickly available, but the downside also very rigid and not tailorable to the individual needs of an industry or a specific customer.

From tailorable to configurable to customizable business applications

Today there are still applications that fit in the latter category. The software industry realized that more flexibility was required. We have moved from tailorable, to configurable to customizable systems. Where the challenge was and still is how to have the system fitting all company and individual user requirements, while still being able to upgrade in a standard way, quickly and frequently with the new developments that are being delivered in an ever increasing speed.


IBM has been successful in delivering an application, MAXIMO, that has this ability. But now the next challenge arises, what do we really want the application to do for us today and are we able to manage this in the maturity of our organization. The Service and Support from ZNAPZ is all around these questions.