Telecom Industry EAM

Telecom assets have a short lifetime

The telecom market is different from many other industry markets. One of the key characteristics is the short lifetime assets have. Telecom companies are constantly in the process of renewing their equipment. So at a much faster pace than many other industries.

Also this is an industry with many components. Version control of these components is essential. Functioning of the entire system is critical. As a result any disturbance of the network leads to churn, customers moving to another operator. This will cause a reduction of revenue, which can only be repaired with a vast effort and marketing expenses.

Other characteristic elements of this industry are the logistics, with drop off points, mobile warehouses that need to be managed and not to forget the warranty of all these components. Just managing the warranty contracts of the components has paid for the entire acquisition and implementation of MAXIMO at T-Mobile.

Telecom asset management clients

Vodafone Both ZNAPZ partners met at MAXIMO projects at Vodafone, already in 1998 and continued to work in the telecom sector with customers like T-Mobile – Germany, Proximus – Belgium, FarEastTone – Taiwan and recently Cosmote in Greece.