Airport Industry EAM

Airport asset management is complex

Airports are a very dynamic world. Airport asset management is complex, because there are different sides in an airport, the “Air Side” and the “Land Side” and many different types of assets. Airport buildings require facility management, the fleet: fleet maintenance, while the landing strips have a need for linear asset management.

Airport asset management optimization leads to success

How to optimize these complex asset environments, especially over their lifetimes? Is this important? Yes, because the availability of an airport and all its assets is crucial to enable international travel. Not only will unavailability immediately lead to a delay, which could have global repercussions. Also the customer experience will be affected negatively, which may result in less favourable ratings. As a result reduced customer numbers, the number one success criteria for airports.

MAXIMO solution for airport asset management

MAXIMO is a proven solution in many airports, including Amsterdam Schiphol, London Heathrow and Nice in France, supporting all the various Asset Management requirements. The consultants of our ZNAPZ team have been working in these areas for many years.